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The Scorcher!

Hi Guys

Nice to get great feedback from Geoff Achison regarding a George Evans Scorcher pedal he purchased from Guitars and things in Frankston (Rob and Rick are the guys to speak to about trying some George Evans gear in a real guitar shop!)

The New 22W all tube Guitar amp is in final stages!!!!!!!!!!!!

New George Evans Amp on the way!

Hi Guys,


Phil and I are in the final stages of the new 22 Watt GE Combo. This will be a unique amp with incredible Strat and Les Paul tone, A 2 channel amp - one clean and one medium gain. This amp is fitted with a long spring reverb tank.

The clean channel will have sweet break up in the output stage and the second channel will break up in the preamp and the output stage, this is an amazing sounding amp!

We are still about 2 months away from release, looking forward to seeing a few players through the door to check this out!




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