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Welcome to T. R. Evans Electronic Systems.

My name is Tim Evans and I design, build, repair and service guitar and bass amplifiers and effects pedals. I also sell Tubes, Speakers and Effects Pedals.

Since 1977 I have been designing, building and repairing guitar and bass amplifiers in Melbourne, I now know that you learn more and more about it the more you listen to the individual sound of the components!

All the components play a part in making the amp have its own sound, I remember back to my first job working for Rose Music , they distributed Marshall in Australia.

My job was to unpack set up and test Marshall Amps, I would set up a quad and plug in and
play head after head, every now and again one sounded so good and felt so great to play that I couldn't stop playing!!

Over 40 years later I know the reason!!!

Tuning an Amp for the player is very rewarding, Fender ,Vox,Peavey,Mesa, or any other brand all have a unique character of sound to work with.

Give Tim a call if your amplifer needs a service, simple repairs or major repair work done, I take great pride in the work I do!

Or Tim And Phil can build you a fine George Evans Custom Amp!

Visit George Evans online to find out more about these fantastic amps at and remember to like us on Facebook

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