I started Labsystems in 1986 with Derek O'leary, we set out to build the best bass gear around. With passion and hard work we had great results, Labsystems became the industry standard for nearly two decades.


Some of our Labsystems players over the years are listed below...

  • Darren Middleton (Powderfinger)
  • Jesse Hooper (Killing Heidi)
  • Warren Jenkin (Killing Heidi)
  • Joe Creighton (Farnham, Kylie, Olivia)
  • Paul Dempsey (Something for Kate)
  • Jake Nicolaison (Another Race)
  • Kevin Mitchell (Jebediah)
  • Bill McDonald (Paul Kelly)
  • Victor Rounds (Marcia Hines)
  • Marcel Yammouni (Vanessa Amorosi)
  • Stuart Armstrong
  • Jim Hilbun (The Angels)
  • Rebecca Johnson
  • Glenn Lewis (Violetine)
  • Grant Relf (Bodyjar)
  • Alex Raunjak (bugdust)
  • Maryke Stapleton (Polyanna)
  • Kelly Loyd (Screamfeeder)
  • Brett O'Riley (Warped)
  • Matt Galvin (Eva Trout)
  • Fred Leduc (Arctic)
  • Steve Ayton (Off the Leash)
  • Matt Corcoran (Matt Corcoran Band)

I'm very proud of the work I have done.

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