George Evans Custom Amplifiers

Myself and Phil George knew that we could create great Amplifiers by using our combined skills, knowledge, experience and our ability to work together as a great team.


Several years ago Phil went out shopping to find the best Combo out there to save dragging his 4x12 Cabs and Heads to his
3-5 gigs per week. To his disbelief he could not find 
one Amp on the market that met his standards for features, versatility and way above all, Tone.

George Evans simply had to evolve to get the Versatility, Features and Sound even if it took many heartbreaking years to do it. Tim with a Soldering iron and Phil with a Guitar.

Phil really pushed my expertise right to the edge, and sometimes beyond, to create some of the Best tones we have ever heard from any Guitar Amplifier. The Sonique range is the culmination of around 12 years of painstaking R&D together. Our greatest joy is now to see you smile when you play one!

I've had this passion for Valve Amps since the age of 16 and am even more passionate about them to this day.

My enviable talents and proven track record for great Electronic design now combine with Phi'ls expertise in Guitar tone, Professional playing experience and keen Ear to co-create George Evans Custom Amplifiers. For myself and Phil this is not about making money, this is all about making great Amplifiers.

Great Guitar tone has always been of Ultimate importance to Phil. He has been playing professionally in Original, Cover and Corporate bands in every State to many crowds up to 20,000 people and is still currently working. As a Guitar Player, he has never been out of work and that is a very long time!

He simply always had to have a great Guitar sound... An average sound will never be good enough.

Phil asked me to Hotrod his 76 Marshall in the late 80s. That Marshall is easily one of the best sounding Marshalls to come to the workshop, and will never be returned to stock!

Many of Phil's Vintage Amplifiers and Guitars and keen Ear for the best Guitar tone, are integral in the toning in process of our Custom Amps.

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